Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Script

"Take that rage, put it on a page. Take the page on the stage. Blow the roof off the place."

Lyrics from one of my favorite songs by The Script. It's just so meaningful, don't you think?

Tears, goosebumps, and butterflies are what got to me that night. The Script is such an awesome band with such worthy songs.

For Easter Sunday lunch, my family and I ate in The Heat Shangri-la, one of our most favorite restaurants. (Where The Script had their lunch just an hour after we left- saaaad story)

We went home after to finish packing for Europe and to get ready for the concert.
We got tickets 5 months before so we got really good seats. The tickets were one of our gifts to my sister, Kat for her 17th.

I just have to say, the concert was amazing. The band was beyond amazing, and the crowd was awesome.
When they played the song 'Nothing', they had every girl bring out their phones and call their ex boyfriends. Danny got a random girl's phone and started talking to her ex and sang 'Nothing' to the guy. Beevs, I know. Haha
The band even tweeted that their concert in Manila was the first time they did another encore after an encore! How cool are theeeeeey?? Haha okay. Outfit time.

Top- F21
Skirt- Cotton On
Sandals- Springfield
Necklace- Boutique in Toledo, Spain
Watch- Dunhill
Bag- Accessorize

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Ombre shorts for DIY! ❤
It's actually pretty easy..

1.) Try on the pair of jeans you plan to DIY. Mark how short you want it to be (use a crayon)

2.) Dip your shorts in a tub of bleach, until you get the result you want. It's up to you on how light you want your shorts to be.

3.) Rinse off the bleach from your shorts. Make sure you get all the bleach off the shorts, so the dye will stick.

4.) Dip your shorts in a tub of hot water with fabric dye. Add a little salt.
Keep your pair of shorts dipped as long as you want. I kept mine for about 15 minutes.

5.) Let your dyed shorts air dry.

6.) If you want, you can distress your shorts for a little more edge. It's better to use sand paper or a cutter.

7.) You may now add studs! Pattern the studs any way you choose :)


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Inevitably Twisted

I'm a definite IT GIRL...

(Inevitably Twisted) HAHAHA trust.

Anyways, started the day early. Went out with the two boys and went shopping for more things to decorate and add to my room. It's about time Sesame Street says bye bye. I'm so excited to redo my room! I'll definitely blog about it when it's all done. It's going to be completely different. 😊

To my outfit, since I wanted to wear a pencil skirt, I wanted to partner it with a much more casual top, and Keds.

Top- Mango
Skirt- Bayo
Shoes- Keds
Anklet- Bijou Brigitte
Cuff- Brandy Melville
Necklace- Brandy Melville

Comfy Sweaters and Hot Tea

This is a more vintage look. It was raining so I decided to wear my favorite sweater. (Lion King was one of my favorite childhood movies :D) I always wear this top with shorts so I chose to try something different, and wore it over my green old fashioned type dress. And to add a pop of color, wore my pink suede loafers.

Top- Forever 21
Dress- The Ramp
Shoes- Blanco
Anklet- Bijou Brigitte

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Aztec in Watermelon

Whenever I look at my outfit shots of today, I picture a watermelon. Don't ask me why. Haha

Since I wanted to be in such a good mood today, I needed my outfit to be popping with color. I tucked in my aztec top with casual green shorts and partnered pink suede loafers to pull the piece together. I wore a beige cardigan to tone it down a notch. I accessorized in tarnished gold colors and minimal diamonds.

Top- Forever 21
Bottoms- Pull & Bear
Shoes- Blanco
Ring- Brandy Melville
Teapot necklace- Brandy Melville
Earrings- Accessorize
Watch- Dunhill
Hair tie- Goody
Chain Necklace- Boutique in Paris
Bag- Accessorize

Had lunch at Centro (I do not recommend)
Watched two movies straight, then had pizza, pasta, and the perfect bottle of wine in Hibiscus (fave restaurant everrr)
Went home to some cake and ice cream! ❤
Watched the movie 'Ghost' again. I really really want you guys to watch the movie!! It's old, but trust me, you'll love it. You will cry yourself to sleep. Haha 😊