Monday, June 11, 2012

Cordoba, Spain

Cordoba! Another town full of sun!!! Cordoba, is the town that has my favorite museum of all time! MUSEO DE LA INQUISICION a.k.a (The torture museum)
The Spanish Inquisition was when the Catholic church would torture people who the church would think that's against them, or just people they didn't like.

 One of the churches we visited

 Outside the church, waiting for the tickets to get it

 One of the good restaurants in Cordoba


Granada, Spain

Granada is such a beautiful town. Nice people and wonderful sights for everyone to see.
Beautiful churches, funny caricatures, snow in Sierra Nevada, huge cups of ice cream, show men, amazing food, jaw-dropping flamenco dancers, colorful boutiques, and THE SUN!

Sierra Nevada
Ice cream and drinks at The Bohemian Jazz Cafe

Yummy dried fruits!!

Tired for the day. Indian dinner before the Flamenco show.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

La Alhambra, Granada

La Alhambra,  a huge tourist attraction that used to be a Muslim village. Beautiful, colorful, and definitely BIG.
It took us hours and hours to explore La Alhambra and we didn't even get to see everything of it.

Ended the day with some pizza and pasta

My sisters, Paloma and Katrina

The first week of Spain

I know I haven't been blogging for so long now. I've just been so busy with traveling.But I assure you that I will start updating my blog already ;)

Pictures from our first week in Spain