Saturday, January 26, 2013

Melon Drop

Watched a movie with my two guys yesterday, and I wore this. Went for a more casual look.

I love the color Melon. It's just so refreshing.. Don't you think? ❤❤❤

Top- Forever 21
Cover up- H&M
Bandeau- Topshop
Bottoms- Blanco
Shoes- Bensimon
Necklace- Accessorize
Hair tie- Goody

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award rules:

 So much thanks to Coreena for nominating me for the Liebster Award!!!

Bloggers nominate other up and coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) for the award.

If you receive the Liebster, you must:

  • Tell 11 random things about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions the nominator has asked you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and make sure you notify them.
Random things about me:
  1. I'm a Junior, in high school.
  2. I'm a Filipina-Spanish 14 year old who will be turning 15 in May! Woot!
  3. I plan on moving to Spain or anywhere in Europe after high school, or a year after.
  4. I love shopping. ZARA, Topshop, Bershka, and Brandy Melville are my favorite brands.
  5. I love the beach! I love the sun, the sea water, and the soft sand.
  6. I teared when I stood beneath the Eiffel Tower at 12 midnight while it was raining.
  7. I'm addicted to peanuts, red gummy bears, Kinder chocolates, and cookie butter!!
  8. Sometimes I'm to clueless to realize that I get taken advantage of.
  9. I care for someone fast. I trust people too much. I don't ever know who my real friends are.
  10. I love watching football games and bull fights.
  11. I'm in to reggae and chill songs - Bob Marley, Sublime, Jack Johnson. But I will FOREVER be the number one fan of THE BEATLES!

Questions from the nominator:
  1. Who is your favorite blogger? Sabrina Tassini, Rita, Irene
  2. Where are you from? The Philippines ♥
  3. What is your favorite moment in your life? Seeing the people most important to me happy
  4. What do your think about yourself? Weird. Misjudged. Complicated.
  5. Who is your favorite actor/actress? As of nooow, Actor- Robert Downey Jr. and Eric Dane | Actress- Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, and Mila Kunis.
  6. Who inspires you the most? My parents
  7. What do you think about haters? People who have nothing else to do but judge and insult others who are perfectly happy.
  8. Favorite designer? Sherri Hill, Vera Wang, and Oscar de la Renta
  9. Describe your style? I would say maybe a little bit of everything. Sometimes I go casual, or edgy, or more of an eccentric style, and sometimes I go for a classy girly look. My style changes every so often. I like trying new and bizarre things.
  10. What is the first thing that you put in your bag? My makeup pouch! 
  11. What is your currently favorite outfit? I would have to say, my plum colored Aztec leggings and my smoked peace logo top worn with my black Docs
My nominees are: 

Patchwork a Porter
A Thousand Styles
Pure Enlightened Beauty
Pretty Light
It's Not Just Another Fashion Blog
Indie Somnium
Hello There, Bloggers
Nautical Czar

My nominees shall answer these 11 questions as well.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taking Risks

Whatever I post on my blog, I really actually wear outside the house. Legit. Haha so everyone may think that camo can be tacky. I used to think that. But it's all about knowing how to put your outfit together, and choosing the right shade and style of camouflage.
Plus in my opinion, camouflage jeans are best paired with heels. It will make you look more edgy and fashionable.
I've got two pairs of camo jeans, a blue high waisted one, and this one.
I like this one a little more because its shade and pattern are the legit camouflage, and I love the studs on my jeans. It makes it different from the camouflage jeans sold anywhere.

Camouflage Jeans- ZARA
Top- Brandy Melville
Shoes- Blanco
Bandeau- Topshop
Necklace- Blanco
White Shorts- Bershka

I know it's not in the pictures, but I wore white shorts in the morning when I dropped my mom off at the airport. She was leaving for Spain. Yes, I teared a little hahaha but I'm gonna see her in three months, thankfully! God is great you know. ❤

It's All About Skirts

I looove wearing skirts! Never get tired of them. I never wear jeans, to be honest. Well, only at school. But other than that, you'd see me wearing shorts or skirts.

This is another blogpost of the outfits I wore last week. Two different sets, because the first one is my day outfit, and the second is what I wore in the evening.
My makeup was more of a nude pink, and nude shades.

Top- Brandy Melville
Skirt- Bayo
Shoes- Blanco
Cardigan- Zara

Top- Mango
Skirt- Zara

She Has Gone Denim

I never really had a fad for denim jackets, but now I'm getting to love them. I've got one already plus to denim vests. Trying to not buy any more ;))
I wore this last week pa when I was in Manila. I wore this to Rockwell (my all time favorite mall) and dinner out with some family friends at DRAFT (amazing food and draft beer!)

As for my face (no pictures again, sorry):
Since my outfit pieces were in a lighter shade, I went for a stronger look with my face so I won't look as pale.

Lipstick: The Balm Girls (Matte Red)
Eyeliner- The Face Shop (Black)
Blush on- The Face Shop (Orange)
Mascara- Loreal (Black)

A tip for every girl out there- NEVER be 'kuripot' when it comes to buying makeup. Always choose a brand that is well known and not as cheap. Its better to spend a little more than to have bad skin. Trust me.

Tank- H&M
Denim Jacket- Bershka
Mullet Skirt- Bershka
Shoes- Blanco
Necklace- Boutique in Toledo, Spain
Red Watch- G-shock

That Girl

Heeeey you guys! Long time no blog! :)
This I have to share- I've got a new favorite clothing brand! 'Brandy Melville' it's such an awesome brand for teens, trust me. They only have very very few stores so I had to order online. Plus, it was much easier than other online shops, because their tagline is "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" so you never have to worry about getting the wrong size sent to you. Check out their site to know what I'm talking about-
Aaaaaand, as you all know, I'm kinda digging boots right now. Neon, combat, or any I suppose. And I finally have my very first pair of Doc Martens! Hooraaaah! I love Dr. Martens! And I found out that Kylie Jenner does too :") so guys, trust me. Doc Martens is the way to go! ❤❤❤ (I ordered my pair online as well. Actually my dad did.. But yeah)

So this is what I wore on the way to Manila, last week.
I chose to go for a more edgy look.
Dark on dark.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my face, because I get an awkward feeling hahaha, but I went for a pale look to tone down my outfit.
I wore pale pink lipstick from MAC, beige eye liner from MAC, black mascara from Loreal, and a light brown eye shadow I got in Rustan's.

So for my outfit:
Top- Brandy Melville
Bottoms- Bershka
Bandeau- Topshop
Boots- Dr. Martens
Necklace- Brandy Melville
Earings- Brandy Melville
Watch- Dunhill
Bracelets- Spain