Sunday, March 25, 2012

Goodbye Sophies, Hello Juniors

Classes are over! Sophomore life is done!
Part of me is excited for vacation, but an even bigger part is sad for leaving second year life and moving to third year. Being a Sophomore is being who ever you want to be and doing what ever you want to do. Freshmen, being new and conscious with everything, because it's a new whole beginning. Juniors, getting ready for Senior year and studying for college entrance exams. Seniors, being so hectic and having to be ready for college, saying goodbye to high school friends.
SOPHOMORES, enjoying high school, being with all  your friends, having fun, getting excited for each day to come. Now, that's over...
I'm gonna be in third year next year, and not even all my friends will be with me anymore. :'(
Some are moving to different classes, some are moving to different schools, some are even moving to different countries or continent for that matter.
It's hard, but hopefully it won't be the end for us to be together again.

 This was taken last year, but it doesn't matter, because our class this year had pretty much the same mates.

See you in two months loves!

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