Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 1 in Salamanca

16 hours flying, and maybe another 10 hours just waiting in airports.
Finally, we're here in Salamanca. 9 hours, Manila to Doha. 7 hours, Doha to Madrid. 2 hours, Madrid to Salamanca. Tiring isn't it? Haha. But worth it. Definitely!
At the International Airport in Manila

Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

The whole tribe with it's newest member, Iker!

Poppa and I


Tapas bar for some pinchos. (All used tissue papers or garbage must be thrown on the floor, not to be left on the table.)

There was a procession going on, because it is the starting of Holy Week already.
I'll be blogging about more places I go to, and more experiences I go through. We'll be exploring Europe together.


  1. Twinpops! I'm so glad to hear about your vacation. :)) Who's Iker, by the way? :D
    ps. I ♥ gelato. :>

    1. I love love love gelato too! Been having it everyday! :))) hahaha.
      Iker is my sister's fiance. They are getting married tomorrow! <3

      -sorry for replying sooooo late. :*