Sunday, October 28, 2012

READ! :] xx!

It's not about the brands or where you got the outfit. It's about how you mix and match, color-block, and pull it off.

I 'tried' making a blog so I could somehow share my style and how I dress. But sadly, I haven't been doing so well (obviously). I wanted to show how diverse and how bipolar my style is. HAHA.
Believe me, I tried looking around thrift shops, but I wasn't as lucky as most of you bloggers. I don't actually find great deals that suit me. My clothes are how they are because I love to shop and look around stores I'm used to. :} I did not make a blog for bragging. Trust me. I'm just a teen who loves playing dress-up ❤


  1. Mommy, defensive? :) Just kidding :D You're just simply one of those lucky peeps who happened to love dressing up and had a bonus of owning stuff with nice brands :) <3

    1. Well, sue me. Hahaha I just really don't want people to get the wrong impression of meeee.