Sunday, November 4, 2012

Partnering Class with Combat

I love combat boots! Specially to partner them with shorts. It's good to be a little different than usual ❤
I tried to partner my outfit with ankle boots as well for a more mellow look.

P.S - I am really really sorry for such bad shots. It's just, I don't have anyone to take my picture. HAHA. I'm shy like that. ✌

Top- F21
Shorts- Blanco
Combat boots- My sister's
Ankle boots- Zara
Watch- Dunhill
Hair tie- Goodie
Scorpion knuckle ring- Boutique in Palawan
Thumb ring- My sister's
Domino bracelet- Boutique in Manila
Necklace- Blanco


  1. Love your shoes! Let me try that! Hahaha =))

    1. Which ones? The combat boots or the ankle boots? Haha anyway, thanks Zai! ❤

  2. Both! Esp. your sister's combat boots! =))

  3. I knooow ;) super love combat boots now! Haha