Saturday, January 12, 2013

Taking Risks

Whatever I post on my blog, I really actually wear outside the house. Legit. Haha so everyone may think that camo can be tacky. I used to think that. But it's all about knowing how to put your outfit together, and choosing the right shade and style of camouflage.
Plus in my opinion, camouflage jeans are best paired with heels. It will make you look more edgy and fashionable.
I've got two pairs of camo jeans, a blue high waisted one, and this one.
I like this one a little more because its shade and pattern are the legit camouflage, and I love the studs on my jeans. It makes it different from the camouflage jeans sold anywhere.

Camouflage Jeans- ZARA
Top- Brandy Melville
Shoes- Blanco
Bandeau- Topshop
Necklace- Blanco
White Shorts- Bershka

I know it's not in the pictures, but I wore white shorts in the morning when I dropped my mom off at the airport. She was leaving for Spain. Yes, I teared a little hahaha but I'm gonna see her in three months, thankfully! God is great you know. ❤